Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You're the man Riley, article, & Happy One Year!

Riley's ma, recently sent me this hilariously cute clip, of Mr. Riley getting very excited about heading to The Fort. We absolutely loved it, and it certainly made our day. Thanks guys!


In other news, although it's pretty obvious, getting exercise is extremely important for us humans, and our pets... This snippet I found from King 5 News, sums up the advantages and benefits of "breaking a sweat" with our canine companions.

Dog owners have built-in workout partner

Well, I sure hope this rain will Peter out... If not, and you aren't up for a jog with your pooch, drop on in to Fort Fido. The pack will get your dog "dog tired" and they'll stay dry. Fortunately, this upcoming weekend looks promising.

Speaking of weekends, I hope y'all had a nice Memorial Day Weekend, which by the way, just marked our one year anniversary of running 24/7, 365! Woo-hoo! We aren't stopping this operation. We have learned a lot over the past year, and we are running strong.

Thank you very much, to all of our wonderful customers, for your support!


P.S. Summer is fast approaching, be sure to make those Overnight Boarding reservations asap. Also, be sure to grab your Fort Fido Stickers, we have several left, in two colors, and they look awesome!

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