Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stills and Video!

From their last weekend here together, it's Buckwheat and Rudy!

Mac looking dapper in the sunshine!
I found a couple of cute pics floating around the computer here and just had to share! We really do have some adorable doggies that come in here! Rudy is a Basset Hound, Buckwheat is a Havanese, Maltese and Pomeranian mix, and Mr. Mac on the bottom there is a French Bulldog (affectionately known as a "Frenchie").

In video, we caught Baer and Japser, to be joined later by wild-man Jack, having a good time neckfighting. These two were great buddies all day long, and really just seemed to "click."
Enjoy your weekend!


P.S.-- Check out this great gallery of photos from the Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach, CA. It's always great to see the ways that people incorporate their pets into their hobbies!

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