Thursday, May 2, 2013

A few Pics and Birthday Wishes :-)

Gotta start out with a laugh!
We have some great pictures that I've been waiting for an opportunity to share with you guys-- check these out!
Bella knows how to get really comfy
Baer works the camera, and Hank just sleeps sweetly
The Ray of Death Strikes again!

We also want to make sure we wish a happy birthday to Grant-- another year older and wiser, and another year dedicated to making sure that Fort Fido stays on top! It's great working with you, and I hope that you have an awesome birthday.

Enjoy the warm weather, even if the sun hides out a little bit!


P.S.-- New copies of the Pet Connection are available in the Fort Fido lobby! These are a cool, local, bi-monthly pet newspaper. If you haven't picked one up, summer is a great time to start. My favorite part is always the calendar, showing cool pet-related events going on in May and June.

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