Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I just got back from an absolutely glorious mini-vacation over the pass... I went to Leavenworth, then Ellensburg, for hiking, camping, swimming, a wedding, and general merry-making lol. It was a wonderful time. However, I couldn't believe the weather I left here, amazing! Glad I wasn't the only one experiencing the sun.

Although I didn't really participate in any official Cinco de Mayo activities... Upon my return, I did check out some funny/cute Cinco de Mayo "pet related" clips and pics. My hope is that at least one of these will crack ya a smile, or give you a chuckle. They did me!

9 Pets who are having (had) the best Cinco de Mayo!

The Chihuahua Races from Delray Beach, Florida

Real life "Puss in Boots" Hahaha!

22 funny photos of pets celebrating Cinco de Mayo

And last but not least, for no other reason than fun... A newly released dog clip from AFV.

All for now, be well,

P.S. Fort Fido, LLC does not condone giving any form of alcohol to pets. ;)

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