Friday, May 10, 2013

Dogs are good for you! And some funnies

A new study has confirmed again that owning a dog is linked to reduced risk of heart disease. Us dog-lovers have been aware of the calming impact that our companions can have on out life for some time now, but it is still nice to have some science to back it up! I wouldn't expect doctors to be prescribing pooches anytime soon-- a big part of the benefit of dog-ownership is that you want a dog in your life. Most of the study focused on the need dos have for exercise, and how that is more likely to get a person up and going than a doctor's vague recommendation to "exercise more." Pets have real concrete needs that have to be met, and it provides you with a clear set of achievable goals.

Not dog-related, but I stumbled across this funny YouTube clip. Everybody knows that domestic cats have a fascination with boxes, but did you know that Big Cats like them too? Apparently, "if I fits, I sits" is true across all felines!

Have fun in the sun everybody!

Caught mid-shake!

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