Friday, May 3, 2013

Doing Double Duty-- Two great new pups!

Our Medium Pack got one pup bigger, with the addition of gregarious Goldendoodle pup Tucker. This adorable four-month-old had a great time, and really let his fun personality show while romping with Tikvah in the morning. The nice weather today sure made me feel like romping too! He is definitely a fantastic addition to our pups, and is going to keep having a grand ol' time with us. 

The little ones upstairs had the pleasure of meeting little Havanese Molly. Everybody up there was tearing it up, and this high-spirited little girl just could not resist joining in! When Dixie and Buckwheat were tearing it up in the early morning, Molly just had to get in on the action. Check out this cute clip of her learning the ropes.

The Fort will certainly benefit from these two great additions--it's so much fun to keep meeting new dogs and to see how they can all benefit from the social interaction at daycare.
Now go enjoy that sunshine!

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