Saturday, May 18, 2013

A new pack member!

Today at The Fort we had a gorgeous seven year old wire haired dachshund, Gus, come for his assessment. He has a great attitude and was really excited to meet new pup buddies! He didn't seem too interested in getting any playtime in, as he was too busy inspecting the other medium rollers and finding his place. Faramir, long time Fort Fido friend, and great ambassador, helped Gus feel at home when other friends started to arrive and as things started to liven up around The Fort.

After seeing his reaction to The Fort this morning, I bet that once Gus is accustomed to daycare and has positive experiences to associate with it, that he will have even more fun playing with his new friends!
See you later this week, Gus!!
P.s. Don't forget to grab your Fort Fido Stickers and a copy of The Pet Connection from our lobby on your next visit!! 

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