Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Odin & Samwise

Yesterday, we were really in for some adventure. The Fort took on new canines Odin and Samwise.

Odin, like his great name suggests, is a strong looking, one year old, sixty-seven pound, black and white colored, German Shorthaired Pointer. Odin's high energy and playful spirit were great for the Big Roll. He found a friend in Fort Fido regular, Zipper, and the two became the perfect match.

From the same family, is Samwise. He is a smart, four month old, thirty pound, brown colored, German Shorthaired Pointer. I was instantly struck with joy by what his owners named him, I've alluded to my J.R.R. Tolkien love before lol. Samwise stayed in the Medium Roll and did just fine. He is still learning the dynamics of the pack and slowly getting into the social scene, so he wasn't quite as playful as his big brother. Nonetheless, he was still very eager to meet & greet with the other pack members. Sam did engage in play as well.

Both Odin and Samwise may join us again anytime. They did a swell job on their first day and hopefully we will meet with them again.

Take it easy,

P.S. There is a new The Hobbit trailer out... I know you are all dying to check it out haha. Here ya go, can't wait!

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