Monday, September 17, 2012

~ Delightful Demitri ~

Demitri is a delightfully dashing, six year old, seven pound, Toy Fox Terrier. This little fella is one tough dog! He had his assessment on Sunday and chilled with the Big Dogs in the Big Roll. Demitri will probably hangout with the Medium Pack in the future but in all honesty, he can handle any dog that comes his way. Size wasn't a factor for Demitir, he was confident interacting with other pooches, regardless of their stature. Although he didn't "play" a whole heck of a lot, he seemed interested and entertained. I won't be too surprised if this guy "busts out" a bit more upon his next visit. Lucky for us, we will be seeing Demitri again soon. He sure is a pleasant dog that fits right in at The Fort.

Take care,

P.S. Almost forgot, Demitri is a SUNDog. Way to go! Also, tomorrow, I will blog about this morning's new recruit. Stay tuned!

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