Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beautiful Blackie!

 Sorry for the blurry photo-- I'm just such a happy and friendly guy that sitting still can be a challenge!

Blackie is an adorable five-year-old Cockapoo who came to play with us for the first time this morning. He was just about as cheerful as a pup can get, constantly wagging and wiggling. He was a little more interested in figuring out what us two-legged people were doing than he was in playing with the other pups, but he did have some flashes-in-the-pan playing some of the others. It's obvious that he has been well socialized, and he was equally polite with both people and pooches. We look forward to having him as a "regular" here at Fort Fido.

I'll leave you with these adorable pictures of Diego, aspiring model!

Have a great night everybody! Be sure to send pictures of your own pooch in his "natural environment" (lol) to to see them featured on the blog!


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