Saturday, September 22, 2012

A collection of doggie and animal news

There seem to have been a lot of dogs falling or being thrown from cars lately (a disturbing trend!). A rottweiler survived a tumble out of a car on a highway in Ontario. In Pennsylvania, a pup was tossed from a car. Miraculously, neither of these pups sustained any major injuries. A little beat up, with some road rash and scratches, but no broken bones or internal injuries.

Missy, a dog abandoned on a Colorado mountain about whom I have reported before, now has a permanent home with the hikers who organized her rescue. This lucky girl is going to live with people who are going to put her first, and who have already proven themselves willing to fight for her.

Another report on the immense love that animal mothers are capable of-- a Pekingese has adopted a little kitten. What is most interesting about this story is that Mittens the dog began to give milk for the kitten--even though it has been nearly two years since Mittens had a litter of puppies. After being with the kitten for just three days, Mittens began to lactate and is not caring for her new adoptive child. The slideshow is just precious.

I also found today a really cool slideshow of rescued animals-- ranging from bears and wolves to horses and cats, from the wild to the mundane. It's great to see animals getting what they deserve, and the heroic rescuers who spend their lives making certain that it happens.

A twenty-year-old video of a toddler playing with a gorilla has gone viral. Click here to see video excerpts and a news report and to hear from both the toddler (now a grown woman!) and her father. The Aspinall family has been working to rehabilitate and return gorillas to the wild for three generations now, and the charity that takes their name (the Aspinall Foundation) works to fund conservation projects around the world.

Enjoy the sunbreaks today! There may not be too many left now :-)


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