Monday, September 3, 2012

Ay, chihuahua!

We had three really neat assessments today! All of them came from the same family. Here they are, oldest to youngest, the three amigos!

Ha! OK, not quite like those guys, but close!

Ruby is a twelve year old, eighteen pound, fawn & white colored, Chihuahua Mix.

Paco is a six year old, fifteen pound, white colored, Chihuahua Mix.

Last but certainly not least... Opie, is a three year old, fifteen pound, brown colored Chihuahua Mix.

Now these three dogs were a playful pack of their own. Each Chi Mix did awesome in the Little Roll. They got along with the other pack members very well and were even superb with people. This terrific trio was a pleasure to have at Fort Fido today. Ruby, Paco and Opie are most definitely welcome here anytime.

Happy Labor Day!


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