Thursday, September 6, 2012

Loads of action!

Here's a great round-up of clips--one from each play area!

First up is the Big Roll, where Bella and Gus were caught on film having a fun romp. Although he outweighs Bella by a bit, Gus always plays fair and Bella loves being able to just jump all over him!

No, that's not a glitch in the matrix, it's Jake, Red, and Finn! These beautiful boys seem like they could all be brothers!

From the Medium Roll we have Bogie and Sophie. Their action is so fast and furious that it's hard to keep the camera on it!

Upstairs was a ball time (or bone-time!) bonanza! All the pups had a great time chasing both the toys and each other. Look at little Charlie bouncing up and down, and Pearl and Lucy each running after the balls as fast as they could! Little Riley was in on the fun romp, too, with a quick pause with Dwayne and Tucker to sniff and be sniffed.

Have a great night!


P.S. Have you heard about the Metro Parks Pooch Pool Party happening this weekend? It should be a blast! Pick up a flier in the lobby.

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