Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Double-Header! Meet Tobey and Maggie

This morning we were fortunate to meet two great new additions to the Fort Fido pack.
First up was Maggie, a sweet little Yorkshire Terrier who joined our little roll. Charlie Chin's mom recommended us to Maggie's owners, and we're glad that they decided to give us a try! This girl is very bright, and took a lot in today. She hasn't busted out all the stops quite yet, but as she becomes more comfortable here we believe that she'll start to come more and more out of her shell. Her owners are working hard with her, and we're confident that time and consistency will allow her to become more confident with the other dogs.

Next to come in was Tobey, a rambunctious Golden Retriever. He was a Big Roller, without a doubt, and made some great friends today. His absolute favorite buddy today was Zipper, and the two of them had a great time--we even caught a glimpse of it on film! This happy and eager pup will only have more fun as he continues to attend daycare.

I think that both of these pups are going to thrive here with us at the Fort.

Have a great night everyone, and we'll catch you again tomorrow!


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