Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another pair of new pooches!

This morning we met two new pups. First up was six-month old Bolt the Chihuahua.  Bolt is just adorable, with great white and tan markings and super soft ears. He wasn't quite sure what to make of the daycare, and watched other pups play curiously. I'm confident that with more exposure to other dogs and daycare that Bolt will start coming out of his shell a little more, and will be more confident to take the leap to playing hard

Next we had Lucy, a sweet one-year-old Labrador/Border Collie mix. Lucy had a great time, and knew exactly what she was at daycare to do--tear it up with other pups! She romped hard for most of the time that she was with us today, and we caught her on camera playing with Cayenne, the Viszla puppy. Also in the clip are Kona and Tikvah, having a nice romp.

Also in the clips from today, Morgan busted out in a big way this morning--having a romp with Cayenne--and Phoebe played with little Cayenne as well! She sure was a busy girl with all these buddies today.



Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!


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