Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tikvah (and others) doing great!

Got some neat clips today... Tikvah, in particular, has really been blossoming here at The Fort. She is now a member of our Medium Roll. Tikvah has grown a bit and plays hard, those are the factors the facilitated the move. :) Since being with the medium group, she has been doing exceptionally well. Check it out!

Watch this next clip, Ginger, is one of the most agile dogs we have here. She almost does a full back flip, attempting to snatch the ball mid-air, in the beginning of this one.

The last clip is some ball from the Little Roll and play from the best friend-"Rebel Rousers" Chloe & Pearl. You can hear our newest employee, Kelsey, just making sure the pups aren't getting too wild. ;)

Leaving y'all with a few news articles found this afternoon:

Training a dog to stop jumping up (Always a tricky one, we get asked about it often.)

When it's time to sue over poop (Heaven forbid!)

Halloween tips for you and your dog (Posted one like this last week, there is always some good stuff in articles like this.)

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