Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jocular Jasmine

Say hello to Jasmine. She is a four month old, twenty-three pound, Black/with white, Labrador Retriever that assessed this morning. Jasmine loved playing in our Medium Roll. With her age, size, temperament and play-style, doggie daycare appears to be the epitome of what she wants and needs right now. It'll give her owner a bit of a break too, always good, as this loveable canine has tons of energy! Pup Jasmine is a perfect fit in our pack, she has many similarities to happy-go-lucky medium roller Emily. She did a first rate job today, go Jasmine, you are welcome back anytime!



P.S. Check this clip of Jasmine meeting her first new-dog-friend... The "Bad Boy" Hunter! ;) As you can see, they are both having a darn good time.

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