Monday, October 17, 2011

Wesley & Petey

We had two very cute and wily little guys in for their assessments this morning. Meet Wesley and Petey, best buddies in the same family.

Wesley is a two year old (?), fifteen pound, Shih Tzu. He was recently rescued by his current owner. Apparently, Wesley was an absolute mess, found on the streets malnourished and severely matted. Lucky for him, his life is now awesome and includes a loving permanent home. In the Little Roll, Wesley was a free spirit that romped around and had a good time. He became even more excited when he met fellow Shih Tzu, the ever popular, Cooper. The two became quick playmates. Wesley is more than welcome to attend The Fort anytime.

Next up was Petey. He is a five year old, twenty-four pound, American Cocker Spaniel, also recently rescued. Petey was a Veterinarian "practice dog" for three whole years. Let's just say, it didn't sound like a fun experience and he didn't get out much. His life is vastly improved nowadays. Petey joined his roommate Wesley in the Little play area. Unfortunately he was a bit more reserved then Wesley. Petey is an amazingly sweet dog, I'm pretty sure that Mom (Nancy) fell in love with him lol. He did just fine with the others in the pack but didn't interact as much as Wesley did. Petey too is welcome anytime.

Swell job today lads, hope to see you two again soon.

Take it easy this week, we're gonna see sunshine for two days. ;)


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