Monday, October 24, 2011

A word about...

Salmon poisoning.

I found this article a bit ago on King 5 News and wanted to point it out to everyone. Most of you are likely aware of this already.

In short, don't feed any raw or smoked Salmon to your canine companion. It has the potential of really hurting them and is possibly fatal. What a shame, I love the stuff any way it's prepared (yes, even raw lol) and could see myself breaking Gibby off a tiny piece in the right circumstances... Me saving it for him, waiting until he is around, giving him a command and then letting him enjoy it. Of course, of course! ;)

Some clips scored today: Gordo tries out the Big Roll again and Koji, Zachary and Zoey have became quite a cute trio of pals.

Have a great week!


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