Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feel free to use the leashes

Some of you may have noticed the pile of slip-leads hanging behind the bench in our lobby. Please feel free to use them, that is what they are there for. I'm surprised we haven't put them out a long time ago. In a hurry, some folks forget to leash up there canine companion... It's usually no big deal but sometimes getting your pooch into The Fort can be tricky without a lead. Especially with a crazy-full lobby and parking lot. So anywho... If you've forgotten your leash or don't want to use yours for any reasonn, we'd truly appreciate it if you came in and grabbed one of ours to use. We need things to go as smoothly and safely as possible! We understand that your dog is exceptionally well trained, doesn't need a leash and is under perfect voice control... However, please, just humor us. ;)

Get a load of these clips from today.

New dog Brodie loves it here. In this clip, he tears it up with the infamous Marco Polo.

More Polo in this one as well as some German Shepherd Love featuring Ziva and Zodiac, those two gotta be a match made in heaven lol.

Two from the Medium Roll. This one is just a cross section of the good times these pups have.

The second clip I've titled "Kissy Face", I think you can see why hahaha. Buddha and Phoebe frequently make us chuckle.

Take care,