Tuesday, July 12, 2011

- Cutie-pie Chloe -

Welcome Chloe, she had her assessment today. Chloe is a ten month old, nine pound, Cavachon. She is a darn cute little pup that wasn't too sure what to think of the little pack and was a bit shy. We think her curiosity and playful spirit will bring out the best of her in time. As she gets more comfortable with the other dogs she should truly thrive.

Chloe's owners are excited and eager to learn new ways to better their pet, we really respect that, very cool! She is well on her way to becoming a well balanced member of the Fort Fido pack. Nice job Chloe!


P.S. Louis's ma, Sandy, told me about this wonderful adoption event that is coming up later this month. If only I had the room for one of those speedy guys. Sandy used to have a rescue Greyhound named Grant, haha, funny!

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