Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Four Fun Clips! ! ! !

One from the Little Roll featuring new pups Chloe and Pearl. We are seeing more and more out of these two after each visit. Although not captured on film, Chloe and Pearl did do some play-bows today, that is always a very good sign. Quite sure that these two frisky fillies will be ruff-housing with the best of them soon.

Our other three clips are from the Medium Roll.

The first one is a great cross-section of the fun-loving and playful dogs that we had in there today.

Another from the Medium side, Emily, Libby and Marley tearing it up together!

Last but not least, puppy Zeus had his paws full today, battling Golden Retriever Mollie and Emily from both ends. Haha, it's gotta be the clip of the day.

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