Thursday, July 28, 2011

a couple of clips

We did have an assessment this morning but unfortunately the beautiful looking dog didn't cut the mustard in the socialization department... Yikes! At any rate, it's rare for dogs not to make it past their assessment day but it does happen. We don't mess around, we don't jepordize the packs safety. Sometimes the dog is only here for a matter of minutes before we say "No Way!". I don't usually mention a dog not passing but wanted to today since, ironically, I just wrote this article the other day.

On to some happier stuff.

Here is a good clip of the Big Roll Late in the AM... As you can see, most are winding down from the ruckus that is the "early morning play" but a handful of pups are still going at it.

In the Medium Roll, Phoebe was our top sprinter today. Dang, this dog can move and loves "chase me" games!