Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cute Miller Pic & Articles

Miller's owners (they also own Miss Paisley) sent me an outstanding photo of Mr.Miller. Here he is after a busy day of playing hard at The Fort. Hahaha Awesome! That is what we like to see, keep up the good work buddy! :) Thanks again for the photo.

(Out like a light!)

City offers to turn dog poo into gold (Sounds like a good plan, I should turn mine in lol, I'd be rich!)

Korean scientists produce glow in the dark dog (I'm not sure about this one... Not feeling it.)

Owney the postal dog officially has his day (Very cool looking stamp.)

Some dogpark prep tips

I've seen tons of these articles lately (obviously because it's summer in some places) and have already posted a few but here is another one:

Hot days are not dog days

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  1. ugh, of course scientests use beagles as guinnea pigs! what a shame...poor puppy, why would we need a glow in the dark dog pupmed with pills?

  2. I have no idea, sooo bizarre...


  3. The article said, they test this for Alzheimers, a new medicine. But I wonder what it's good for, are alzheimer patients going to glow ??

  4. I think what's going on is that the ability to add a gene to that little guy to make him glow lets us know that it is possible to add other genes as well. They think that they would be able to turn "on" or "off" genes that trigger fatal diseases like Alzheimer's etc.

    I sure hope that they give that pup a good life! She deserves it for sure.