Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Anecdote

This morning I spotted a loose dog running down 27th Street, right in front of the Fort! I watched as a couple cars had to stop for her as she crossed the road, and sprang into action. I fished a treat out of the bowl and ran outside, then I let out a loud whistle. The pup happily bounded over to say hello, and that is how I met Peaches the American Staffordshire Terrier mix. She was fully tagged, with her name, phone number, and rabies tag. I was able to keep her in a crate for a few minutes while I called her owner and waited for him to come pick her up. Good thing he worked nearby!

Having a collar saved Lady from the dogcatcher!

I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't had those tags. Though this wasn't quite so epic as long-lost dogs rediscovered by a micro-chip scan, it was an experience that reminded me just how important it is to make certain that (firstly) your dog is well-contained and (secondly) that they are always wearing their tags just in case. Especially right after the fireworks, when even normally relaxed dogs can become spooked, it is important to be safe. Thankfully, we should be done with fireworks until the New Year!

With summer coming up, the question of whether it is legal to have a dog ride in the back of your truck has come up a time or two. The only restriction is that the animal not be capable of falling, jumping, or being thrown from the vehicle. I guess if common sense were really so common, it wouldn't have a special name! The good weather has also led to more outdoor time with Fido, and (sadly) more irresponsible owners not doing their part to keep our parks and sidewalks tidy. In an effort to remind people to pick up after their pets, group Puget Sound Starts Here has created a funny music video (which you can see here on KING5's website).

Enjoy that sunshine everyone!


P.S. While looking for dog-related news this morning, I noticed this article about a different sort of dog entirely!

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