Monday, July 18, 2011

New Pup Pearl

Pearl was in bright and early this morning for her assessment. She is a super-adorable, three month old, two and a half pound, white and caramel colored Maltipoo.

Pearl headed upstairs to the Little Roll where we slowly introduced her to the other dogs. She wasn't too sure about the whole scenario but did explore the area a little bit. Pearl is a young dog that should began to branch out once she gets some more socialization and consistency under her belt. She is going to start attending Fort Fido two days a week and will be in our group training class in September. Way to go Pearl, we imagine you'll be running wild with the pack in no time!


Have a nice sun-filled day!



  1. She'll be there two days a week. Thank you for accepting her! We can't wait for training classes to begin!

  2. Oops! I'm sorry, got the wrong info. You are right, two days a week! Even better for her! :)

    You are welcome, glad you are looking forward to class.