Thursday, December 10, 2009

- The Tula Hula -

Tula is a 40 pound, one and a half year old, Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)/Lab mix. She had her first Fort Fido day this morning. Tula is the quintessential "Medium Roller" fitting in seamlessly with the pack. Many in the Medium Roll are her size, play style and energy level. Tula is a gorgeous little gal, she has a black head and body with little variegated "leopard legs" lol. So a big welcome to Tula, I hope she continues to enjoy herself here. Tula's owner's Aunt brings her pup to Fort Fido as well, her dog is Maggie. Maggie is a energy-filled little Shih-Tzu who is very sweet and loves playing upstairs in the little roll.


P.S. Wow, this is the definitive Luck Dog!

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