Saturday, December 26, 2009

Least fun ball...ever!

I decided today to try out the herding ball with the dogs. The general idea of the ball is this-- it's too large to be picked up and tossed about, but a dog can push it around and "herd" it. This can be a great toy for a dog belonging to a herding breed, which also possesses a strong herding instinct. Sadly, the guys here today were most interested when it was moving on its own and weren't up to pushing it themselves, so we went back to playing regular fetch with a more normal sized ball.

You can check out a clip of a dog herding his plastic sheep here.


PS- Next week we will be closed on Friday-New year's Day. We are open normal hours (7-7) on New year's Eve, and normal hours on the second of January (8-6). Hope to see you guys there. Or, I suppose, here!

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