Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last Friday I posted a little writeup on Faramir. His owner Dori shot me over a hilarious email. I thought that I'd share an excerpt of it with y'all:

Now, Lord Faramir, on the other hand, was very upset as I read it to him, as he has a very feminine side that is quite sensitive about the fact that you mentioned his weight. Also, he was not previously aware (we've kept it from him all these years) that he was some kind of celebrity, used on the website, etc. I just caught him pawing at the phone trying to call an attorney so that he can sue for defamation (the weight issue) and residuals (modeling fees, etc.). I'll try my best to reason with him, but you know how single-minded he is. This could easily end up costing you about 175,000 bi$cuits!

Hahaha, good stuff! Cheers,


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