Monday, December 7, 2009


This morning we welcomed Bijou to Fort Fido. He is a studly, red Australian Cattle Dog that is three years old. Bijou was a little nervous and has had a rough couple of months. His owner just passed (our condolences) and he is still settling into his new home... Now he has to figure daycare out, what a transition! We are giving him lots of space and positive vibes. We know for a fact he plays, so hopefully he will overcome his separation anxiety and bust a move here at the fort. His new owners definitely know a thing or two about dogs. They have been bringing their three Chihuahuas; Lulu, Oreo and Sydney to the fort for quite some time. Fun, talk about a houseful!

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P.S. In other news, I found these two articles (1, 2) to be a bit of a bummer.... The sled dog scene sure is fascinating, talk about some hardcore individuals!

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