Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wow! We have all noticed the temperature drop this week, boy is it chilly! Luckily we can stay nice and toasty here at Fort Fido. We strive to keep our canine pals comfortable no matter what the weather brings. Our warehouse has an ample heating system that allows us to keep all three play areas as warm as we'd like. Our rubber flooring helps insulate dogs feet from the super-cool cement floor.

Please be careful coming in and out of the fort with your pet. It can get rather slippery in the parking lot with the various elements. We are applying deicer in the bad spots but everyone still needs to be cautious.

This morning I was on the hunt for a good article about dog care during winter weather. Here is the one I was partial to, most of it is common sense however it's great to freshen up on that every now and then. :)

Stay warm, drive safe, and watch out for the white stuff this weekend,


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