Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zeuss, new review, kumpi plug :)

What a hearty roll we had today. Lots of big dogs, lots of big fun! Zeuss started up this morning, he is a three year old, 60 pound, Border Collie mix. He did alright for his first day, we hope to see him branch out a bit more. Zeuss has a great name and the funniest little tail.

Fort Fido has gained another great review which can be read here (scroll down a bit). Thank you Ginny, Darrel and Happy dog, you are too kind.

To anyone who hasn't looked into Kumpi pet food yet please do! I have to get a little plug in every now and then because it is great stuff. Call the president of the company Evy, she'll answer the phone and answer any questions you have with expertise. Made in the USA, no byproducts, real food for dogs, 100% money back guarantee. Cheers,


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