Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rudy & New Toys!

Brittany spaniels have mucho energía! They can duck, dive, spin and sprint like no other. The fort has had a couple of Brittanys pass through it's doors over the years. This morning we introduced one to the pack named Rudy. Rudy was no exception to the Brittany's upbeat and highly active temperament. Although he was only six months old and around 25 pounds, Rudy was started in the "Big Roll". He got it figured out quick and had a wonderful time!

In other happenings... We just received some entertaining new toys(scroll down to see)! Who knows how long these will hold up but they look cute, should be worth a few moments of fun for your canine companion.


P.S. I Almost forgot to let you in on my cool online finds. This picture is hillarious, this article is too much and this one is ol' skool hahaha.

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