Friday, October 16, 2009


Rainier has been enjoying himself at Fort Fido almost everyday for over a year. He is a a 50 pound, Catahoula Lepord Dog (a breed for only the most dedicated dog owners) mix that is coming up on his second birthday. Rainier is an extremely smart dog and his antics never cease. His owners work nonstop with him in training, tricks and even some agility! They are doing a wonderful job. Rainier is the Alpha leader of the medium roll and one of his many nick names is "Freckle Nose".

Here is a funny video of Rainier that his owners took. If my memory serves me, he was flustered because he wasn't allowed to be in the dinning room with them at the time. What a joker!

Have a good weekend!



  1. You're such a great dog, Rainier!! And give the Fort Fido people a big lick for taking such good care of you while Mom and Dad are at work. :-) Love, your Texas family