Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Howl-oween!

Well today was the big day, and while we didn't have too big of a turnout (Saturdays are usually pretty slow days), we did have a blast here at the Fort. Everybody got to try on a costume, but some were less thrilled than others.
Chase wore the Frankenstein hat, and made a cute monster, though his brother Chance was not too interested in being dressed up.

Sarah was very patient and sat still, just like a pumpkin! Buddy also had a very good pumpkin-impression to show us.

Cleo was more interested in tasting a pumpkin than in being one!

Speaking of tasting pumpkin, I hear Lila had a bit of an adventure with one last night! She was definitely none the worse for the wear, and took some time to give us a wag.

The dogs finally got their chance to get a piece of that meowing Halloween Cat we've been showing them all month. Buddy gave him the stare down, but Chance and Chase took a more direct approach. Here's a look at Chance and Chase giving that cat a piece of their mind!

On another note-- a night of constant doorbell ringing may bring up thoughts of training. Check out the "Training" section of our homepage for the latest information on upcoming classes and seminars being held at Fort Fido and featuring trainer Garrett Stevens.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!
Captain Hope (slightly more fun than Captain Hook)

P.S.-- Don't forget to "Fall Back" tonight for Daylight Saving Time! (click here for some interesting history and facts)At least it is in the fun direction, this time. I know I'll be cursing the idea of saving daylight come Spring. Getting an extra hour of sleep is far superior to losing one!

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