Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little man with a big attitude!

Bruiser is an aptly named Schipperke. He is full of energy and can give even the most rambunctious of the bigger dogs a run for their money. He is about a year old, and has been coming to the Fort since he was only 9-and-a-half weeks old. He plays hard and uses every minute here for all it's worth! He's not picky about playmates- Bruiser will play with anybody willing to keep pace. Here he is playing with Cooper, who was enjoying his first full day:

Schipperkes are a less common breed of dog, originating from Belgium. Their name means "Little Shepherd," which is perhaps a description of their similarity to the Belgian Shepherd Dog, which has a similar appearance along with a much greater size. They bear a resemblance to many other "Spitz" breeds, including the American Eskimo, the Keeshond, and the Pomeranian, all of which descended from the same ancient line. They are typically very hardy dogs, and can live to be 17 or 18 years of age. Bruiser has plenty of troublemaking left in him!


Also-- if you are interested in taking a pet first aid class, there are several Washington branches of the Red Cross which offer courses.

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