Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Busy Bella

Fort Fido had Bella in for her Assessment this morning. She is a two year old, forty-four pound, Black Labrador Retriever Mix. This strong and confident young dog-gal, did a great job inside of The Fort's Big Roll. After taking a few quick laps around the play area, Bella was ready and willing to meet the pack. She first met with the friendly Bounce, and the two hit it off into play quickly. As time passed and the Big Roll's Pack grew, Bella, continued to speak pretty good "Dog", and most importantly, continued to get along with the other canines. Once Mr. Reilly showed up onto the scene, Bella was "In Love" lol. These two really got to playing fiercely! We were even lucky enough to catch a video clip of the action.

Bella is a busy and hard-playing dog, however, she is also quite sweet, and socializes very well with others. We're happy to have her here and look forward to her return. Well done Bella!



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