Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gypsy Caravan

(Although "Gypsy" didn't arrive in one of these babies, it is what came to mind when I heard her name lol. I want one!)

Checkout Gypsy! She is a spunky little, four year old, thirteen pound, Pug Mix, that assessed this morning. We escorted Gypsy upstairs to the Little Roll and got her situated right away. Up there, she got used to the joint quickly, and seemed to like her new-found digs. After a little time passed, we had Gypsy begin to meet the pack. She did a a superb job of "meeting and greeting" with the other canines. Gypsy is the type of dog that communicates and socializes well with others. As the morning progressed, Gypsy even played a little bit. For the most part though, she just hung-out and soaked up the experience. She thoroughly enjoyed meandering about and being with the other dogs. We believe that Gypsy will continue to get pleasure out of her time spent here at The Fort. She should prove to be a great addition to our Little Dog Pack. Way to go Gypsy, we will be meeting with you again shortly!

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