Friday, November 7, 2014

Chester chasin em down

Meet Chester! This cool, Chocolate Labrador Retriever dude, is about two years old and weighs eighty pounds. A high-energy "live-wire", Chester, leaped into The Fort's lobby, absolutely ready to get his play on. We shot him towards the Big Roll, where he entered blissfully. After letting him gather himself for a moment, we began to introduce him to the pack. Chester thoroughly enjoyed meeting and greeting with the other canines. His happy-go-lucky personality, makes him quite good at finding playmates... Even though he can be a wee-bit "intense" for some, due to his full-throttle play style. It was neat to see Chester feel so at home here so quickly, and the way he very-enthusiastically met with every dog that entered the roll, was a sight to see. I don't think Chester's tail ever stopped wagging during his visit! Chester played hard, played fast, played for a long time, and then played some more lol... With a multitude of our pack members. He is welcome to come here, and we must commend his owners for doing right by him. Chester, ya did a fine job today my boy, we'll see ya back at Fort Fido soon.

Here's Chester wrestling hard!

Enjoy your weekend,


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