Thursday, November 20, 2014

A little Angel

Take a gander at this endearing little canine, Angel. She is a sweet, seven year old, five pound, Lhasa Apso. Angel had her assessment this morning at The Fort. We had her visit the Little Roll, which turned out to be just right for her. A very nice dog, Angel, stayed cool, calm, and collected during her visit. It is clear that she has been socialized well, due to her easy-going attitude. Angel seemed pretty relaxed right from the start, which is always great to see... It's certainly not her "first time at the rodeo" lol. She met with the other canines gently and effortlessly, fitting into the group without a hitch. She didn't get involved in much play, yet she appeared to be having a fine time. We are happy to welcome Angel to our Little Dog Pack. Her well-balanced energy will really be beneficial up there!


P.S. Ahhh, I almost forgot, one interesting fact about Angel, is that she only has one eye! Unfortunately, I don't have the story on that yet... I'll have to find out soon. That'll be the second Fort Fido Member with only one eye, neat. Like the three-legged canines we've met over the years, these one-eyed dogs, have also adapted magnificently.

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