Monday, November 24, 2014

Ruby Monday!

Howdy! Get to know Ruby, she kindly, seven year old, ninety pound, Golden Retriever. This Dog Daycare regular, strolled into the Fort Fido lobby without a care in the world. We showed her to the Big Roll and she entered it happily, sniffing away. Ruby was eager to meet some other canines... After exploring the play area a bit, we had Ruby meet up with Dempsey and Reilly. She speaks "Dog" quite fluently, since she is such a socializing veteran. As seen below, Ruby got to playing with Cooper.

As the day progressed and the Big Roll's pack grew, Ruby continued to be happy, enjoying the socialization and fun here at The Fort. Ruby did wonderfully and we anticipate her return!

Stay warm and dry in this weather!
- Zach

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