Monday, April 28, 2014

Foxlike then Bearlike


"Extreme Cuteness" arrived in the form of a Shiba Inu Assessment, this last Saturday. Meet Thalia, she is a spunky, one year old, twenty pound, Sesame Shiba (red and black colored). Outside our place, Thalia, is good buddies with Medium Roll Regular and "barrel of fun", Louis. Like Louis, Thalia is a whole lot of fun, and is a lot like a few of our other Shiba Friends. She thoroughly enjoys socializing with the pack, and playing. On top of being quite a looker, Thalia will be an excellent inclusion to Fort Fido's Medium Roll. Man, if all of our Shibas show up on the same day, it'll be one high-energy day!

This morning, "Extreme Cuteness", arrived in the form of a stocky, cuddly, baby bear cub-like pup, in for his Assessment. Meet Oliver! He is a three month old, twenty pound, black and chestnut colored, Bernese Mountain Dog and English Crème-colored Golden Retriever Mix. Oliver had a blast here today. He wiggled, wagged, frolicked and played his way into everyone's hearts haha.

Oliver's only problem however, is that he may be too cute for his own good! What I mean to say is, too cute to correct, literally.

Excuse me while I rant a bit... Sometimes, the real "cuddly-fuzzy-wuzzy types", can miss out on Strong Leadership and Corrections, just because they are so darn loveable. When this happens to a dog, especially a dog that will become large in size, behavioral problems can develop quickly... Seemingly going "from 0 - 60". You know how it goes, kinda like the cute little kid that "gets away with murder". With Oliver, one must constantly remind one's self, to look past his cuteness, and treat him like every other member of the pack... When your not cuddling him that is lol. This way, he'll communicate and fit in with other dogs properly, becoming a healthy and more well-rounded canine. We don't want "the cuties", like Oliver, to turn into People Possessive and or S.A. ridden dogs. I can assure you, there's no fun in that. Lucky for Oliver, he has a good owner that can do right by him.

Anywho, Oliver did a fine job in here. Like Thalia, Oliver too, is welcome here at The Fort anytime. I know the crew can't wait to meet with him again. Checkout these two short and sweet clips of Oliver, playing with doggy-gals Miley and Georgie.

Enjoy any of that sun we get,


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