Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wonderulf Article, famous loyal dogs, & GIFs!

Thank you to Julia, "Black Pearl's" owner, for bringing us in this wonderful New York Times article. It is titled "You'll Go Far, My Pet", and it is in the "Sunday Styles" portion of the newspaper. I have found it online, and you can read it here. It talks about all of the latest dog related things, in our new "digital-dog-age" (not to be confused with the "Alpo Era" lol), through the eyes of a new puppy owner.

On talk radio this morning, I heard about some of the most famous "Loyal Dogs" ever. Although I couldn't find reference to it online... One dog, waited for it's owner, at a pub in Ireland, for years after it's owner had been hospitalized. When the dog died, the pub owner put a large picture of the dog's face up over the bar.

The most famous "Loyal Dog", has got to be, Hachiko, from Japan. He and his owner, would greet each other every day, at the same time, at Shibyua Station, in Tokyo. One day, Hachiko's owner didn't show, he suffered a brain hemorrhage and died. Hachicko however, never stopped waiting for his owner's return. He continued to show up at the train station, everyday, at the same time, waiting for his owner, for nine years straight! What an incredible story. Once Hachiko finally passed away, the station erected a bronze statue in honor of him.

That little story, reminded me of the Futurama episode "Jurassic Bark"... Hachiko's story most certainly inspired it.

Other famous "Loyal Dogs" I came across, were:

Shep (USA)

Greyfriars Bobby (Scotland)

Fido (Italy)

Argos (From Homer's Odyssey)

For some much needed comic relief today, especially after those stories, here's the "40 Greatest Dog GIFs of all time", for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!



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