Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Charley Day

Meet Charley, he is a handsome, seven month old, forty pound, black and nutmeg colored, Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle Mix. Charley hasn't done too much socializing in his life, but lucky for him, that is all about to change thanks to his owner and The Fort.

Upon arriving for his assessment this morning, Charley, wasn't quite sure where he was or why he was here. Under good voice control, Charley willingly strolled with us to the Medium Roll. There, he sat at attention, waiting to see what would happen next. Although he was a bit nervous, he really did a good job staying calm. As other dogs arrived and greeted him, Charley was hesitant, but certainly not scared, and by no means aggressive. Given some time and consistency, we hope that Charley will warm up to other dogs and relax into some pleasant social time. Seeing him play would be outstanding, and we know he has it in him, but for now he must take baby steps towards becoming a member of the pack.

Charley is an incredibly good looking canine, in fact, I have never seen a Poodle Mix with markings quite like Charley's. His head, tail, and body, are your standard Poodle Black, while his four legs are a separate brown nutmeg color. It is really striking, he is one cool and unique looking dude.

 Swell job today Charley, we'll see you again, and you are more than welcome.



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