Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome to "The Jungle" Axel!

We've definitely got fun and games, or at least, lots of playmates for you. Hahaha!

Meet Axel, he is a kind, five year old, 101 pound, Bernese Mountain Dog, who had his assessment this morning. Obviously, due to his size, Axel stayed with us and the pack, in The Fort's "Big Roll". He entered calmly and confidently, with a demeanor complimentary to his regal breed. It has been "Burner Madness" around Fort Fido lately, with the additions of Gertrude, Alice, and now Axel. Axel is truly just a big sweetheart. He has been socialized well, and it shows. Axel's idea of a good time here so far, is meeting the others, strolling around, "playing" just a little bit, and then chilling out. He is quite welcome here, and we hope he'll stop in again. Friend of Fort Fido, Zariah, has been a buddy of Axel's for awhile. Cool stuff!

Axel sure is an awesome dog, but, thankfully, he doesn't have quite as much "energy" as the "Axl Rose" of the 80's lol.


Take it easy,


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