Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday News Style

As always, I found some good ones. ;)


Top tips for traveling with your dog (Great tips, but I say, just let them stay at The Fort!)

Dog gets summoned for Jury Duty (This one is true, and so totally believable anyway lol.)

How owning a dog can improve your health (I can attest to it lowering a persons stress level.)

Dog found in garbage can has a new home (Such a lucky dog, his before photo was crazy.)

Here's a hillairous quiz for you, BuzzFeed's, Are You A Dog?

Brave 13-year-old uses Facebook to save Romania's stray dogs

April 23rd is National Lost Dog Awareness Day

More Vets turn to prosthetics to help legless dogs and cats (I feel like some pets may take to the prosthetics much quicker than humans. I've met a few canines who were missing a leg, agility wise, you'd never know it.)

British dog calls police

Wild West for Dog Wranglers drawing to a close? (This "Wild Bill Peacock" fella reminds me of myself a bit hahaha. We happen to have the same ability to simultaneously eat a sandwich while "cleaning". Use your imagination on that one ha!)

Children with Autism bond with the family dog

Have a happy weekend,


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