Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mighty Marty

Get a load of this good-looking fella, Marty, that we assessed today. He is a chipper, ten year old, eighteen pound, red colored, Standard Dachshund. Marty breezed into Fort Fido this morning, upbeat and without a care. Even before getting upstairs to the Little Roll, he was happily sniffing about and wagging his tail. Once in the play area, Marty continued to explore his surroundings. Straight from the get go, he seemed pretty content with his new digs. As time went on and other canines arrived, Marty acted as if he'd already been hanging out with them lol. He wasn't overly concerned with playing or interacting much, yet he was social enough to stay calm and balanced around the group. It's not Marty's "first time at the rodeo" so to speak. He looks and acts quite spry for the mature, ten years old, that he is. He did well amongst the high-energy youngins', that make up the majority of the Little Roll's pack. Marty is welcome to attend The Fort whenever he'd like. Swell job my man, see ya soon!



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