Thursday, April 10, 2014

] Meritable Mimi [

Early this morning, Fort Fido had Mimi in for her assessment. She is a fabulous, four year old, twenty-five pound, Havanese and Pekingese Mix. After partaking in a brisk morning walk, Mimi, pranced into The Fort with wonder. She was 110% ready to give our Little Roll a go. Up there, Mimi went right into fun! She "meeted & greeted" with every Little Roll pack member that entered the play area. She speaks very fluent "DOG", and enjoys making new canine-acquaintances. As far as fun is concerned, Mimi had a ton of it here, right off the bat. She happily played, even one on one, with several different dogs, Jesse, being her most favorite. It's really great to see a new dog so calm and balanced, and comfortable enough here, to play on a first visit. We really look forward to the return of Mimi, and hear that she may be trying an overnight stay soon. I'm quite sure she is going to love it!

Here's, Mimi, falling head-over-heels for Jesse haha.

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