Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Shadow Knows

Meet Shadow! Now fortunately for us, he isn't anything like the once popular comic character, he is much more easy going, happy, and fun lol. Shadow is a two year old, thirty-five pound, black colored, Labradoodle. He had his assessment today in the Medium Roll, and is staying with us for Overnight Boarding. Shadow is a very nice dog that has been socialized well. He is the younger "dog brother" of Fort Fido Friend Chance... The two make an extremely amusing and striking duo, due to their cheerful personalities and contrasting colors. Shadow is doing well with the pack, and has been enjoying his stay since early this morning, playing quite a bit with Gracie and Yuki, among others. Keep up the first-rate work there Shadow, you are doing great.... O, and Chance, keep an eye on him would ya? Thanks! Haha.


P.S. A special congratulations goes out to Teresa & Dennis on their new marriage! Hooray!

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