Friday, August 2, 2013

Heroes of our day!

Rogue and Storm!! This dynamic duo came and assessed this morning and passed with flying colors. A pair of Lab/Boxer mixes that are a sweet 5 months old. Ready to rip it up in our medium roll, they got straight to the action with our other pups Max, Marlee, and Walter.

Not unlike the comic book "X-men", these two live, eat, and play together everyday. Thundering around the play area, Storm loved to test the waters with his new friends, playing chase and chasing in return.
Keeping in line with her namesake, Rogue stood back a bit and watched, learned from, and generally followed storm's footsteps throughout the morning, nosing around and getting used to the surroundings, while waiting for her chance to steal the show.
Over all, these dogs were a blast to have around, and I'm sure they will grow to be an amazing pair of dogs here in our pack.
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